Celcom revises the FIRST postpaid package with reduced carry forward data

As June marks the end of the FIRST postpaid package promotional period, Celcom has decided to make some revision on the postpaid package service where some features will be removed or replaced. If you plan to subscribe for Celcom FIRST postpaid, you might want to check this out. 




The bundled data comes along with FIRST Blue plan remains the same at 2GB + 2GB for weekend and weekday, but the carry forward unsued data has reduced to 2GB to 1GB. However, Celcom still offers extra 1GB data with the a price at RM20 which comes along with Yonder Music services. User can carry forward the RM10 “Max Up” quota to the next month.



Similar as first blue, the bundled data quota still remains the same whereas the Carry Forward Unused Data has reduced to 2.5GB per month. The SMS is no longer free and unlimited as each SMS now cost RM0.20. However, Celcom still offers Unlimited WhatsApp and WeChat services for the subscriber.

FIRST Platinum


Similar as the previous, the carry forward unused data has been reduced from 9GB to 4.5GB per month. Nevertheless, Celcom still offer unlimited Whatsapp and WeChat services for free.

FIRST 1+5 Supplementary Plan



Previously available only for 500MB, new FIRST 1+5 Supplementary plan subscriber will get 1GB Weekday quota and 1GB weekend quota with 500MB data carry forward. Besides, each of the supplementary line will get 50 minutes free calls and 50 texts to all network. If the principal line subscribed to FIRST Gold or FIRST Platinum, each supplementary line will get unlimited Whatsapp and WeChat services.

This new package is only applicable for new subscribers for the FIRST postpaid package. Existing subscribers still able to enjoy existing benefits and features.

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