Change your dial interface with the new Facebook “Hello”

Facebook, a company that focus on connecting people has been developing the social network and the instant messaging application for a long period of time. After releasing several enhancement and features addon on the Messenger app few weeks ago, Facebook now roll out a new application “Hello”, that revolutionizes the call interface on the smartphone.

The “Hello” application has a distinguishable interface design that focus on more details of the contact list. When the “Hello” users receive a anonymous call or from an old friend, the system automatically refers to Facebook database to shows more identity of the Facebook users that dials the number. Thus, you won’t be socially awkward if you forgotten someone else name (just saying..)

Upon receiving calls from unwanted caller, you can reject the call and put its number into the blacklist. You can also search more information regarding the location for nearby restaurant or place of interest while contacting them instantly.

The Facebook “Hello” has been rolled out for beta-testing and expected to be released to public soon.