China Unicom reveals 5G monthly subscription from RM113/month!

As 5G is now online in US, Korea & UK, it currently supports whoever which own the 5G smartphone. However, signing up a 5G plan bogs down to its pricing and network availability which is the decisive factor for the users. Recently, China Unicom is now offering 5G plan as low as RMB190 per month and it is the cheapest among all continent!

The China Unicom managing director expressed that their 5G monthly subscription is the cheapest in the world as the pricing stands 60% from the Korea and 40% from the US.

As for Korea, 5G is now offered under SK Telecom with 55k won per month, offering 8GB data. The most expensive plan cost 12.5k won with 250GB data.

As for Verizon, the plan is mixed with current 4G plans with added 5G services which can be unlocked for US$10 for as low as US$55 per month.

Source : Cnbeta