Clouldflare’s DNS is safer and faster than Google

While certain websites in censored in Malaysia and inaccessible if you’re routing through the default Telekom Malaysia DNS, there is a way to visit those website again in a legal way. Google DNS has been long used for reroute IP address with their own domain name server.  While it seems stable and efficient today, Cloudflare – the largest DDoS migration service provider now introduce their new DNS server at and it is claimed to be more secure and faster than Google’s DNS.

Apart from visiting national blocked website, Cloudflare DNS offers better privacy that doesn’t track users IP address and all records will be deleted after 24 hours.

To change your current DNS address in your Windows PC, open up control panel > Network and Internet > Change Adapter Settings > Right Click your current WiFi access point and select properties > IPv4, and key in the following address according to photo below.