Digi all new postpaid line offers 25GB data, RM300 voucher lowest from RM38/month!

With the growing demand of mobile internet to smartphone users today, Digi has offered new Digi Postpaid 38 & 58 that caters your internet needs. Besides, you can get RM300 smartphone discount vouchers if you get your new smartphone with Digi!

Digi Postpaid 38

Being one of their cheapest plan, Digi Postpaid 38 offers 6GB data (3GB all day+ 3GB weekend) and unlimited calls to all network.

After 6 months of usage, your data quota will be upgraded to 9GB (6GB all day + 3GB weekend). You can get another RM300 discounts when purchasing a smartphone after 12 months of usage!

【Digi Postpaid 58】

As for Digi Postpaid 58, you will receive 20GB data (5GB all day + 5GB weekend + 10GB YouTube quota) and unlimited calls to all channel.

After 6 months, your quota will be expanded to 25GB (10GB all day, 5GB weekend and 10GB YouTube quota). You will get the same discount perks as above after 12 months of usage.

Learn more at Digi official site for more info.