Digi launches first 100GB LTE-A postpaid package as low as RM160/month!

One of the well-known telco carrier in Malaysia, DiGi has launched 2 new 4G LTE plan which are the Broadband 145 and Broadband 185 with quota up to 50GB and 100GB per month!



The Broadband 145 package comes with 20GB all-day quota and 30GB off peak quota from 2am to 8am. This totaled up to 50GB monthly quota comes with a monthly incurring fee at RM145 per month.

The Broadband 185 comes with 30GB all day quota and 70GB off peak quota. The total 100GB quota comes with a monthly incurring fee at RM185 per month.

Both package will be available for sign up from 1st of April 2016.



Exisiting DiGi Postpaid user also able to enjoy good deal with this broadband plan. With signing up for the Broadband 185 plan, you can save more than RM551 when purchase the MobiFi portable WiFi hotspot priced at RM754! The MobiFi portable WiFi hotpspot is able to share the connection up to 10 devices simultaneously which existing Digi postpaid is able to get it at RM253.



Signing up with Broadband 145 and Broadband 185 is also able to get a 5% discount off the bill with auto-billing. Hence, the Broadband 145 now only cost at RM120 and Broadband 185 at RM160! You also get your bill paid automatically without need of reminder. How good is that?