Digi #LebihInternet Ramadhan promo gives you 21GB quota for just RM65!

Celebrating the on-going Ramadhan season for all the Muslim friends around us, Digi has launched several new postpaid and prepaid plan that includes the #LebihInternet promotion!




RM9/week to enjoy 1.2GB quota, which includes:

  • 1.2GB surfing quota (600MB all day + 600MB off-peak 1am-7am)
  • Unlimited music streaming

RM35/ month to enjoy 3GB surfing quota:

  • 3GB mobile data quota (3GB all day+ unlimited night quota 1am-7am)
  • Unlimited music streaming




Digi also launches Family Plan package to comes with 21GB online surfing quota for RM65 per month! Package includes

  • Maximum 2 supplementary lines
  • Free unlimited calling on the principal line
  • Free 50 minutes call on the supplementary line
  • Free calls and SMS between principal and supplementary line
  • Each supplementary line comes with a charge at RM65/month

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