DIY: How to make a transparent Note 5 rear case!

With so much colours option available for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you might find it getting dull when you have used the same colour for over some times. However, there is one Note 5 user out there who just make the Note 5 rear case appears transparent and makes his smartphone appears elegant and unique!

With the colour layer of the rear lid ripped off, the electronics part of the Note 5 can be clearly seen. However, once the colour layer was removed, there is no way of return. Besides, this action could also resulted in damage certain part of light or heat sensitive hardware when it is exposed to light.

Before you start: Keep in mind that this process is irreversible and your warranty is now void. 



Here is how he did it:



Warning: *Graphical* image ahead, be advised


Source : Qooah