Do more things with a single tap on HUAWEI Share

Smartphone is now a norm in society and more than half of Malaysia population owns at least one smartphone. Furthermore, smartphone market is also pretty saturated as new smartphone getting added each year. HUAWEI has innovated their smartphone with the addition of gesture support on EMUI to accomplish great things. In the HUAWEI 1+8+N Together 2020 campaign, HUAWEI will be introducing new innovative solution to tackle daily problem from smartphone, laptops, tablets, smart TV to office and entertainment.


1. Sync your smartphone with MatePad/HUAWEI laptop in one tap

Gone are the days where you need to connect a wire between your smartphone and desktop/ laptop to save or backup your data. With HUAWEI Share, you can easily transfer data between your smartphone and tablet/laptop which synchronizing the display too!


2. Share your display to TV

If you are are running EMUI 10.0, you can use the Multi-Screen Collaboration feature to project to tablet and laptop. Besides, you can also project your smartphone to TV with Smart TV through One Tap Screen Projection feature. Just tap your phone against the remote and voila!

3. Connect instantly with HUAWEI Sound X

If you have previously set up the Sound X with your HUAWEI smartphone, the next time you want to play some music, just tap the HUAWEI Sound X speaker once and the music will commence.

4. Share your WiFi revealing your password

Are you friends coming along but there are in dire need of your WiFi access? Just get them to tap the NFC area of your HUAWEI WiFi AX3 router then they will able to get instant access to your WiFi network.

5.  Unlock your car with HUAWEI smartphone

HUAWEI Share can also be used to unlock your car when you get close to it. The car can also be auto locked when you are far away from it.

6. Connect seamlessly with smartwatch – HUAWEI Watch GT2

with just a single tap, you can do these 5 amazing things on your huawei devices

You can now connect to HUAWEI smartwatch from your smartphone to monitor your fitness and health activity.

7. Non-stop music enjoyment with HUAWEI FreeBuds 3

Enjoy uninterrupted music from the long battery life of HUAWEI FreeBuds 3 during your workout or leisure hours. Music has just made better with the  HUAWEI P40 Pro as companion.

Apart from HUAWEI Share, HUAWEI also had introduced the Petal Search Widget on the new EMUI. With Petal Search Widget, you have access to unlimited apps on top of the HUAWEI AppGallery!

Currently, HUAWEI’s AppGallery host over tenth of thousands of applications with over 400 million monthly active user making it the third largest app store on the world. To compliment some of the missing apps, the Petal Search is a widget that allows you to instantly search application which is not available on the AppGallery. You can install the app right away with the “Install” button with lesser hassle. Note that Petal Search feature is preloaded in the nova 7 series.

Step 1: Add the Petal Search widget to your homepage.

Step 2: Search your favourite app and click “Install” to instantly download your app!

with just a single tap, you can do these 5 amazing things on your huawei devices

The HUAWEI 1+8+N Together 2020 covers the following products:

  • 1- Smartphone -HUAWEI P40 Pro
  • 8- Matebook, MatePad, smart TV, glasses, HUAWEI Watch GT2, Car ,  HUAWEI FreeBuds 3, HUAWEI Sound X
  • N- Ease of travel, Convenience Office, Smart home system, Fitness and health and Entertainment

All things in life have become much easier when everything is connected and all together with just one tap. Learn more about the HUAWEI 1+8+N Together 2020 campaign here.