Dual display, dual rear camera with Snapdragon 820: This is the LG V20!

The long anticipated LG V20 has finally launched in US early today. Similar with previously rumored specs and feature, the LG V20 is the first of all smartphone to come preloaded with Android 7.0 along with new features such as Steady Record 2.0, HiFi Quad DAC, HD Audio Recorder and wide-angle rear camera.

V20 3

As an entertainment and productivity driven smartphone, it features the HiFi Quad DAC which is also the first of the world to feature 4x 32bit DAC audio with ESS SABRE ES9218 technology further enhanced with Bang & Olufsen which makes the audio more clear to enjoy. Besides, LG also offers B&O headset along with the LG V20.

v20 2

In terms of design, LG V20 is now in metallic build and available in grey, silver and pink. It also comes with a removable metallic cover with removable battery with a design concept similar with the LG G5.

V20 1

For its hardware, it has a 5.7 inches 2K display and a 2.1 inches secondary display for multitasking purpose. It also comes with a 16MP+8MP rear camera which provides 135 degree wide angle shooting along with Hybrid AutoFocus and Auto Shot. The 5MP front camera also offers 120 degree wide selfie. All of these hardware is being powered by a 3200mAh battery that comes with quickcharge technology.

Source : Mobile Magazine

LG V20