DxOMark announces Huawei Mate 20 Pro camera on par with P20 Pro!

Earlier last year, DxOMark – the well known camera benchmark website has given the P20 Pro a rating at 109 and making it to the top while beating other smartphone from its crown. In the late 2018, Huawei has launched the Mate 20 Pro and many has anticipated how much score were given to the smartphone’s camera performance.

Today, DxOMark has announced the Mate 20 Pro camera was rated 114 marks in photography, 98 marks in videography and a combined score at 109 making it the same with P20 pro.


The camera was rated with a score at 114 thanks to the good exposure and dynamic range in bright environment. It also offers a great zooming capability an short focus time which adds as a bonus.

However, there is some loss of detail under portrait mode and the autofocus performance sharply reduced when the flash is activated.


DxOMark also stated that the camera is able to capture a stable shot when captured by hand. It also offers decent white balance and maintain low noise even under exposure.

Nonetheless, there is several points for Huawei to improve in which includes indoor video recording which causes blurring and loss of detail in final video, thus given a rating at 97 marks.

Nonetheless, DxOMark stated that the Mate 20 Pro camera performance is exceptional in terms of colour, exposure, dynamic range, details and noise reduction. Despite the addition of wide angle camera doesn’t boost the score on this test, it’s certain a good perk for those who want to capture more object at once.