DxoMark rated HomePod mini at 98, current tops the hall of shame

Despite the Apple HomePod doesn’t offer features that are comparable with other speakers, it still does a great job for syncing and playing music between iPhone. The Apple HomePod Mini is a tuned down version of the HomePod which currently retails at US$99 and the price to value ratio doesn’t really meets other competitor in the market.

DxOMark has reviewed and rated Apple HomePod mini at 98 score, making it the worst on the list. The HomePod mini lacks of bass and poor mid and high range audio performance. Hence the value of this model suffer greatly.

However, HomePod mini wins by its compact form factory which is ideal for quiet listening or playing background music. It also suffers from audio compression when the volume is set to highest.

The HomePod mini currently sits on the last and it is superseded by Apple HomePod, Huawei Sound X, Sonos One and other better performing speakers.