DxOMark rates OnePlus 6T camera performance on par with Pixel 2 with score at 98

DxOMark camera benchmark has just recently updated with the new OnePlus 6T. The OnePlus 6T was recently released in Malaysia and now coming with McLaren edition. Its camera is a 16MP + 20MP dual rear camera with OIS and EIS support, 480fps slow mo video capture and an aperture at f/1.7. Let’s see how the camera performs in DxOMark!

The OnePlus 6T is ranked with a score 98 which is on par with OnePlus 6T and is slightly higher than the OnePlus 6 by 2 marks. Minor improvement is shown indeed.

In their series of sample shots, OnePlus 6T is proven to offer camera improvements via hardware from its predecessor. It has one of the best auto focusing technology thanks to the PDAF technology. Its low light shot is also incredible, taking picture with brightness higher than iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

And unfortunately, it also supports in some flaws such as their is no dedicated optical zoom lens thus lesser data is being retained when zooming out a photo.

OnePlus 6T still suffer slight overexposure issue when taken photos with sun at the background.

Lastly in terms of colour balance, it is rated with some loss of acutance with a faint tint of purple.

Nonetheless, making into top 10 means that this smartphone still offers some significant camera quality for enthusiast to play with! Visit DxOMark to learn more about the reviews and ratings.