e-SIM could be the future of mobile SIM card

The SIM card era has just over! Apple and Samsung has both started to promote the use of e-SIM a.k.a. electronic SIM card where it can be electronically validated and authorized for use. Both tech giants has been collaborating to persuade GSMA for the use of e-SIM which provides convenience for user in inter-changing different telco provider.

On previous year, the iPad Air 2 LTE version also has come along with an Apple e-SIM which allows user to purchase telc0 plan with different carrier on the tablet itself. However, this only available to major telco in US only.

The e-SIM does not requires a ‘true copy’ of the SIM which requires to be inserted into the device. The carrier can be registered through software or purchase the device directly from telco smartphone plan. GSMA also stated that most telco in the world has agreed with this plan and likely to be established on 2016 onwards