Enjoy twice the data quota for the same price on Maxis 4G Home Broadband!

After Maxis offering free quota upgrade for existing MaxisONE Plan subscriber, Maxis has now offer quota upgrade for Maxis 4G Home Broadband services with 20GB extra quota per month at the same price. Check out details below!

Previously at 20GB (15GB Internet and 5GB 4G LTE), the Maxis 4G broadband plan now comes with 40GB data which includes 20GB Internet and 20GB 4G LTE. Those who subscribe will get a new 4G LTE modem, call charges at 10 cents per minute (all netowkrs) and doesn’t requires advance payment.

2016-12-23 12_28_26-Fixed Wireless Internet _ Maxis

The Maxis 4G Broadband plan is priced at RM198 per month but if you are a MaxisONE plan subscriber, the monthly commitment for the 4G Broadband is at RM128 only. This extra quota is a limited promo and Maxis has yet to announce the end of its availability. Visit Maxis website for more information.

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