[Exclusive] Celcom new plan: 21GB+21GB quota for incredible low price!


As everyone has started comparing the data plan between each telco provider, Celcom has announced a new data plan that comes with an incredible quota limit that we can’t believe our own eyes. The new plan was named as PortaWifi Internet Plan 2.0 that comes with an 7GB all day quota with 7GB complementary quota and 14GB of off peak quota at the midnight!


In simple words, this incredible plan comes with 7GB of data quota and 7GB of Celcom Wifi quota. During to 8 am, it comes with 14GB of internet quota and 14GB WiFi all midnight long. The unused quota can be bring over to next month use!



Currently, this plan comes with a monthly commitment at RM85 per month. The monthly commitment of this plan is expected to rise to RM100 on the upcoming September. It also comes with messaging feature with text rate at RM0.15 per SMS. The PortaWifi is also sold seperately with 3G variant cost at RM50 (original at RM259) and 4G LTE variant comes at RM220 (RM349). Whole contract was bound for 12 months and penalty fee will incur if plan was canceled during the middle.



With such plan available on the market, do you still worry about not having enough data to download video clips, music and streaming videos online?