Facebook brings internet to rural areas with its drone “Aquila”

The industry giant of social media, Facebook has making its best effort to bring internet to rural areas in the world. While Google solution to this problem is by launching a hot-air balloon codenamed “Project Loon”, Facebook gives internet to the world with their solar powered drone “Aquila”.

After 2 years of development, the Aquila drone is now up in the sky and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has witness the launch himself. The drone successfully fly around the lower sky for 96 minutes which is far ahead from its expectation. All energy of the drone is derived from solar power and able to reach speed at 120kmh and provide internet for an area of 96km.


The history of Facebook internet comes from the establishment of along with other industry giants such as Nokia, Erricson and Qualcomm which aims to bring internet to rural areas in China. Later, Facebook has developed Facebook Connectivity Lab that aims to provide internet for the world with drones or satellite.

You can watch the drone tour here Mark Zuckerberg Facebook