Facebook new features to allow Facebook Stories to be shared on Instagram!

As one of the biggest social media of the 20th century, there are tons of user from Facebook and Instagram which share the same account identity. Hence, Facebook is now pushing a new feature which allow Facebook Stories to be shared on Instagram. This feature is previously not available as the Instagram stories can be posted on Facebook but not vice versa.

Jane ManChun Wong has found a new feature at Facebook beta test which shows the ability of cross platform sharing for Facebook Stories to Instagram.

In addition, Facebook also spoke to Techcrunch that they are testing a new feature that can more easily share your dynamics with multiple people and it is referring to the possibility of posting Facebook Stories to Instagram. Instagram ’s main customer base is slightly different, so posting cross-platform does have a better chance of reaching more diverse users. The company also mentioned that they are simplifying and optimizing the use and viewing methods of Stories. This may include avoiding users from watching the same Stories too much.