Fast is now faster – Honor 4X First Impression

With all the hype on going on the mid range devices with affordable price, consumers has a mindset on paying an affordable price for a device with great performance. Meanwhile, Honor has released the long awaited Honor 4X that packs with own home-grown processor that powers the whole phone. One of the main attraction point of the Honor 4X is that speed, where it comes with dual SIM standby and dual 4G LTE connectivity. How fast can Honor 4X go? Lets see our detailed hands-on experience on it.

The design was highly similar with other Honor smartphones that features a candy bar design with camera located on the top left hand corner. This time, Honor has created an rounded edge on the 4X that provides a comfortable handling experience while resting in palm. The back cover material is made up of polycarbonate with a crossy texture that felt like a cloth. The displays takes up 75% of the front body which is comparable with other flagship device.

On the side note, the Honor 4X comes with a hardware key with design based on the material design UI found on Android 5.0. The back button was located and the left while the menu/recent tasks button was located at the right which correspond with the default AOSP key location. Some users might felt unfamiliar with the key location if they had use Android devices with back key on the right for a long period of time.

The Power button and the volume rocker are located on the right side of the Honor 4X.

Beneath the cover there are 2 SIM slots that can be used at the same time. Both supports 4G FDD LTE connectivity that makes internet surfing blazing fast.

The USB and charging adapter was located beneath the phone.


Let’s see some sample pictures taken from the Honor 4X!

There is lot of noise present on the background!!! Looks like there’s more room for improvement on the 13MP camera.


Here comes some selfies from our staff Noel.Leng! Pictures were taken via the front facing camera

Although Honor 4X only sports an 5MP front camera, the quality of the image is still acceptable.

We have a good first impression on the Honor 4X especially on its design and connectivity. Powered by its own Kirin processor, there is no lag or delay experienced during our first impression. The Honor 4X is able to handle any types of game as the processor copes well and provides satisfactory performance.

Need more information of this Honor 4X? Stay tuned at Zing Gadget as we’ll make a full review on this device soon.


Author: Noel.leng