Four HUAWEI products including FreeBuds Pro, P40 series awarded with Good Design Award

Good Design Award is one of the four most prestigious award along with red dot, iF and IDEA. Four of the HUAWEI product lineup including HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro, HUAWEI P40 series, Vision X65 and VR Glass was awarded with Good Design award on its innovation.

Good Design Award was delivered to these HUAWEI products due to its innovation offered with state of the art photography capability on a phone and its nano ceramic build.

The FreeBuds Pro is commended with the noise cancellation technology and unique design to its earpiece and improve of product quality.

The HUAWEI Vision X65 is commended on its ultra thin design and 24MP AI camera powered by HiSilicon dual NPU chip and 4T computational power. The VR Vsion adds a new short focus design that also act as a sunglasses.

The Good Design Award will provide HUAWEI with GO-Mark icon to represent high quality products.