Free 888MB data for each purchase of add-on quota on Digi Postpaid!

Early August this year, Digi has give out free 888MB mobile internet quota to all Digi Postpaid user and many Digi postpaid subscriber are delighted for this free offer. Today, Digi announced that the 888MB free quota will be provided when you purchase quota add-on via the MyDigi App!


If you purchased add-on quota for 2GB, 4GB or 6GB, you will be entitled to receive free 888MB quota deal by redeeming on MyDigi app with steps shown above.

This free deal will be only available once for each Digi Postpaid subscriber who purchased quota add-on and the free quota will be valid for 5 days! The promotion starts right now until 25th September this year. More details at 


Source : Digi