Free Meizu MX4 with Digi SmartPlan!

If you plan to own the Meizu MX4 before, it’s time to get one for free when you signed up with Digi SmartPlan! Apart from the Meizu MX4 itself, the Digi SmartPlan also will give you the the folio case for MX4 for free!

By signing up the Digi SmartPlan 148, you can get yourself the Meizu MX4 for free along with 6GB of monthly internet quota along with free text and calls. If you sign up with Digi SmartPlan 108 or 78, there won’t be any free Meizu MX4 but you still can purchase the MX4 at great promotional price!

Digi SmartPlan 78 with monthly fees at RM78 comes with 3GB monthly internet quota or 800 texts or minutes call. The MX4 is priced at RM849 at this plan. Whereas the Digi SmartPlan 108 comes with 5GB of monthly quota or free calls and text with MX4 priced at RM429.

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