Free Moto 360 for first 100 online customers for Lenovo VIBE Shot


Moto-360-Android-WearEver since the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo, everything had been pretty quiet. However Lenovo managed to spice things up this time around for their latest Lenovo VIBE Shot that will be released on August 18th 2015 at 10am.


Is this the start of something beautiful between Motorola and Lenovo? Or is it that Lenovo is solely using Motorola to get more sales for their brand new smartphone?

In whichever case, it still makes me drool over the fact that the first 100 customers are getting a Moto 360 though.

Check out the full details over at Lenovo Mobile Malaysia!



Kok Kee

Electronics engineering student with the heart of tech. Also the Head Editor from Nasi Lemak Tech!