Fujifilm launches Instax Mini 9 with auto-exposure, selfie mirror for RM310!

The well known Japanese camera and lens manufacturer FUJIFILM has officially launched the new Instax Mini 9 instant camera! It has a similar build design from the Instax Mini 8 but it comes with a new selfie mirror along with additional special filters and a high definition mode! The new Instax Mini 9 also has a focal length up to 35 cm!

481元,富士,发布,全新Instax Mini 9,拍立得,相机

The Instax Mini 9 inherited the popular features from the previous generation such as automatic exposure. The camera automatically adjust the optimal brightness setting according to different scenery such as indoor, cloudy and sunny environment. In addition, the camera also comes with a 0.37x viewfinder, flash and powered by 2 AA batteries.

The Instax Mini 9 is available in 5 different colours (Lime green, cobalt blue, pink, ice blue and smoke white). It is priced at US$ 69.95 (approximately at RM310) and launched in USA next month.


Source : 驱动之家