Get the Photoshop-alike “Relook” app on iOS for free!

If you are a selfie lover and loves using selfie beautification app such as Meitu, there is a more advanced image editing application that requires not professional experience on the iOS appstore right now! The “Relook” app on iOS has some advance image post-processing filter and algorithm but it is relative easy to operate and navigate through. Previously, this application is priced at US$ 3.99 but it is now free for a limited time on the iOS AppStore right now!

While everyone has a basic idea on the advanced photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop, not all user knows the perform all control and settings on the Photoshop software. However, Relook offers advance image editing tools that comes with a simple instruction to make the desired image of yours. Watch the tech demo of Relook below:


The Relook app is designed for ease of use dedicated for mobile platform. Hence, all image editing steps can be easy be done on a smartphone without relying complex software. Grab your Relook for iOS here

Source : qooah