Get your free 30GB Capture cloud storage with Digi now!

If you are a Digi user, here is a good news for you! As cloud storage has become more mature and secured this days, many users tends to save their photos in the cloud and can be recovered to any smartphone with internet access even though phone was stolen or lost in the processor. Digi now offers free 30GB online storage for all of its user where they can now sync their photos and video taken from the smartphone straight into the cloud.

Step 1: SMS ‘Capture’ to 20000 and receive a download link

Step 2: Click on the link to download the application

Step 3: Create a new account

Step 4: Enjoy your 30GB storage!


This 30GB storage offer from Capture is available for Digi as well as other telco’s. Non Digi users can enjoy 2GB of free storage space! Click here to find out more.