Google confirms Android 14 support for satellite communication for internet coverage

Earlier today, HUAWEI executive Yu has hinted that Mate 50 series will have support for satellite communication. Besides, international analyst also mentioned iPhone 14 will have the support for satellite communication which Android is following up.

According to a 9to5google report, Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of ecology and platforms at Google, confirmed that the next-generation Android system, Android 14, will begin to support direct-to-satellite communication technology and will be open to its partners for the first time.

Prior to this, SpaceX and the US telecommunications company T-Mobile also publicly stated that they will soon bring satellite link technology to smartphones, and are likely to be partners for Android 14-related features.

The biggest advantage of satellite connection is to get rid of the need to rely on optical fiber cables and communication base stations to connect to the Internet, and it can even be used in deep mountains, oceans, sky, etc. LTE is a little different than 5G.