Google pushes Marshmallow into Android Wear!

Initially introduced in 2014, the Google Android Wear is one of the most famous smartwatch OS on the market today. With tons of wearables available today, the majority of smartwatches runs on Android Wear OS which is compatible to Google Android and iOS devices. Recently, Google has launched the Android Wear 1.4 aka Marshmallow and started pushing to major Android Wears in the market today.

The new Android Wear has improved notifications received from Google Hangouts, Nextplus, Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp and Wechat. It also make voice message sending possible on the Android Wear.



The Android Wear 1.4 supports voice and video message. If your Android Wear comes with internal speaker, you can use your smartwatch to listen to message without the need to use the smartphone.



The Marshmallow update also brings new gesture function without clicking or swiping on the smartwatch display. Google also stated all Android Wearables can receive official firmware upgrade to latest Android Wear function with no discrimination of the branding. This definitely is a good news for all Android wearables!


Source : Android, iFeng