Google streets ads shows Pixel 2 launch date: 4th October!

The first generation Pixel smartphone has one of the highest rating in camera benchmark score which is right on par with the HTC U11. As the successor of Pixel flagship series, the Pixel 2 brings lots of hope in all die-hard Android enthusiast and those who are looking for a high performance Android smartphone with prompt Android firmware and security update. Recently, a new Google advertisement has appeared on street on Boston with a caption “Ask more of your phone” with a Google logo which indirectly hints the launch date of the Pixel 2.

谷歌海报自曝Pixel 2发布时间:骁龙835、安卓8.1

谷歌海报自曝Pixel 2发布时间:骁龙835、安卓8.1

As for now, DroidLife also noted that the Pixel 2 XL has been officially certified by FCC with a model number G011C (Pixel 2’s model number at G011A). Most bands supported on Pixel 2 XL doesn’t seems to work with telecom bands from China and mostly supports US telco network.

Source : 驱动之家