Google to launch Pixel, Pixel XL on 4th October?

As most 2016 flagship smartphones including the iPhone 7 has just been launched recently, there is a news suggest that Google will be launching their new Pixel, renamed after Nexus on the early october this year.


The Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the creation and efforts from HTC with previous project name known as Marlin and Sailfish. It is estimated to launched on the 4th october this year. Meanwhile, Telstra – an Australia telco has announced that they will open for pre-order of the Pixel and Pixel XL from Google on 4th October which could also means these 2 smartphone will be opened for pre-order on other countries at the same period.


Google has revved up the benchmark of the own products with some of the recent and powerful hardware to date. Hence the price of the new Google smartphone starts from US$499 to $599 and starts from 32GB.

Do you look forward on the new Pixel smartphone from Google?