Google to move hardware manufacuturing plant to Malaysia & Taiwan?!

With the rising heat on the US China trade war, several US tech giant has decided to move out their production plan to other countries away from China. Recent news suggest Google will be moving server hardware production and Nest thermostats to Taiwan and Malaysia to avoid 25% tax.

On all the products moved to countries outside China, the sever components is one critical parts for Google operation. These motherboards will be used in their data centers which provides cloud and computing services to ensure operational performance on search engines, maps and other services platform.

If the production plan is at China, importing their products would cause them 25% tariff.

At the same time, Google has announced that it would build a new office park in New Taipei City, Taiwan. It will increase the number of locally employed employees but unsure it has direct correlation with the trade war effect.

Apart from Google, Go Pro also moves its production plant to Mexico while Foxconn has intention to move out the production plant out of China by end of June.




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