GrabShare gives you carpool and meet new friends!

Traveling for work and leisure for Malaysian has changed with the emergence of ride sharing services such as Uber and Grab. However, long distance travelling and toll fees is somehow expensive if you are travelling alone. Why not share it with your best mates or a stranger? Grab has it covered.




The GrabShare is a new service that allows a stranger or your friends to hop in if you are traveling within your travel journey. However, each passenger can only carry one  extra passenger per ride.


The GrabShare app offers cost saving option for single travelers where people can share the same ride if they are going to the same destination (or drop by the journey). It also minimize traffic and reduce congestion!


GrabShare has been up for service in Singapore few months ago and attracted over 2 million service request. Grab also has their passenger covered if uneventful incident happened during the journey.