Here are the compilation of Xiaomi official Mi 5 leaks!

As the calendar has marked it days closer to the February 24th, Xiaomi is soon to unveil their next generation flagship – the Xiaomi Mi 5. With all the recent leaks of Mi 5 hardware and features on China social website such as Weibo and QQ, let’s have a quick look on all hardware and new function that will be featured on the new Mi 5!



Mi 5 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 – 6th Jan



Mi 5 launch date leaked (24th Feb) – 22th January



Another Mi 5 teaser from Xiaomi CEO leijun – January 26th




Lei Jun teases his fan on the upcoming Mi 5 functionality hidden in the status bar, as we can see it sports a dual SIM feature, NFC and 4G LTE. The network speed indicator also shows the hidden meaning of the Mi 5 launch date (24/2/16).


Mi 5 will be featuring 1080p display, not 2K as rumor suggested – 30th January



NFC functionality reconfirms on 2nd Feb – ‘leaked’ from Xiaomi founder.

Are you satisfied with the new functionality from the Xiaomi Mi 5? What is your estimated price range for this smartphone?

Source : mydrivers