Here comes the Top 10 smartphone sales domination of 2015

As there are more smartphone being used by individual in a large popution, many smartphone manufacture has trying to roll out more unique feature which provides a unique symbol of itself. The smartphone competition has been growing stronger day by day, as there are more smartphone manufacturer entering the market in a yearly quarter. Today, there are alot of flagship from different company that provide its uniqueness in design and packs with incredible performance. In the end, who will win the throne in the smartphone industry? Let’s find out!

* Units sold represent millions.

Based on the 2015 Q1 sales report by Communities Dominate Brands, Samsung has dominated the smartphone share market with the 82.8 millions of unit sold during Q4 2014 and Q2 2015. With just a difference of 4%, Apple was currently resides on second position with 61.6 billions of smartphone sold in the same period. Beside, we also noted an obvious trend apart from Apple, other top 10 smartphone manufacturer with the highest share are originated from Asia. Within the 9 top, there are 7 belongs that China. Vivo in the meantime also topped in top 10 list for the first time. The heaviest drop of ranking belongs to Alcatel which is dropped until 9th position this year.