Here’s how to upgrade your Honor 4C & 4X to EMUI3.1 with Android 5.1.1!

The long awaited Android Lolipop version 5.1.1 for Honor 4C and Honor 4X has finally arrived. However, this upgrade must be performed manually in order to get a taste of the Lollipop. But don’t you worry because we got you covered!

First of all, download the firmware upgrade package from Huawei website and move into SD card

Honor 4C

Honor 4X


1. Backup all the important documents and images before flashing the firmware upgrade package!

2. Ensure that more than 30% battery available. If insufficient battery is left, just plug it into wall adapter.

3. Ensure than your microSD card has more than 2GB storage space available with FAT32 format.

4. Open up the settings menu > Software upgrade> Firmware upgrade> Local upgrade> Backup Data> Confirm> Upgrade. The smartphone will automatically boot into upgrade mode and enjoy your lollipop soon!

Source: Honor Family