HONOR 20 series Bluetooth offers 200m connectivity?!

For those who use Bluetooth devices everyday, it is certainly a painful experience when your Bluetooth devices exceeded the small transmission range. The transmission range (usually ~10m) greatly relies on the Bluetooth Standard and signal quality.

The new HONOR 20 series Enhanced Bluetooth offers transmission up to 200m apart and this is how it works.

The HONOR 20 sports the newest Kirin Hi1103 chipset which audits connectivity and environment and adjusted the performance/ transmission ratio accordingly. The 200m Bluetooth connection works well on rooms without obstructions such as walls.

In their recent research, when paired with BeatsX for music playback & audio call, both section advances with HONOR 20 in terms of connectivity. The Bluetooth connectivity offers connection even more than stated 200m!

To achieve such Bluetooth performance, it is certainly a power exhaustive process but this can be managed by AI. As stated earlier, the AI will be able to manage the power ratio of the Bluetooth performance based on different range.

For now, the HONOR 20 available in the market today is capable to offer such Bluetooth performance. learn more at this link.