Honor Magic redefines the future of smartphones

The advancement of the hardware and processing technology has been slowly down in the recent decades but this doesn’t end the excitement when a new smartphone come out. There has been new rising trend that focus on the aspect of software enhancement rather than just hardware- particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. The Honor Magic is one of the end product of the artificial intelligence that drives the future of smartphones.

Here is how the AI in Honor Magic unlock limitless possibilities in your life.

When you are in doubt on what movies you should be watching next, Honor Magic Live can give you recommendations along with movie ratings so that you could have a rough idea on what’s available in the cinema today and which one is your favourite.

The Honor Magic Live also brought up online ticket booking system without the need of third party app. Without switching app, movies can be booked without extra hassle.

Honor Magic then brings up the information on the notification menu while scheduling the best route to the box office in the shortest route.


If your household appliances has broken down or to acquire new items, it’s time to hit up online marketplace to buy one of those without hitting up the stores. Honor Magic can shows you the pricing of the same items across multiple online platform before your orders.

Once your ordered your item online, the parcel tracking number will be automatically recognized and traced by the integrated parcel tracking management system which you can be easily review on the notification bar, without visiting website nor using third party app.

When your parcel is delivering to your house, Honor Magic automatically picks up the number from the delivery dispatch and prompts users with the information when receiving calls from courier company.

Is it the time to meet your friends? Open up “Didi” ride sharing app and book your ride. The ride information, including vehicle plate and driver mobile number will be readily available in the notification bar without opening the app.

Last but not least, quick charge has been an essential technology that must not be absent from smartphone today. With overwhelming of apps that drains battery in a short time, Honor Magic can perform a full recharge in just 48 minutes for a decent battery life.

There are lot more features on the Honor Magic has to offer. The Honor Magic is deeply infused with the latest technology of artificial intelligence that aid users in daily routine task, from picking up rides to buying things online or even book your movie tickets. It also resembles the future of smartphones, where artificial intelligence the mobile device assist their owner to get things done quicker and less hassle.

The Honor Magic must just be a one small step to AI, but it’s a one big step for the evolution of smartphones of tomorrow.

Honor Magic