How to use Google to find back your Android phone

Trouble losing your Android phone all the time? Look no further. The Google “Find my phone” service has been available to Android platform since long time ago that can locate your phone with you PC. Here are a set of tutorial to make use of this Google services.

First, you have to link your smartphone to your Google accounts and Find my Phone service. After linking, you may find your smartphone by simply typing “find my phone” on the Google search bar.

With this services, you may locate your phone by pressing the “ring” button which triggers the alarm in the smartphone. In case of stolen or lost, you may press “lock” button to remote lock the smartphone with a password encrypted screen lock. You also may erase the smartphone and perform a remote factory reset if required.

One of the cons of the Google “Find my phone” is you have to turn on the GPS in order to locate your smartphone. Thus, if you always faced the problem of losing your phone, you may wish to keep your GPS and data/wifi turned on.