Huawei 5G modem could be featured on future of Apple devices

As Huawei has progressive promoting their newest 5G modem, Apple is their only customer to date. This is because the 5G modem development from Intel has stunted which may cause Apple not to be able to bring 5G smartphones on 2021.

For a smartphone manufacturer without its own 5G modem development team, Apple has facing struggle to make 5G possible without relying third party chip makers.

Tension has rise as Huawei and Samsung has launched their own 5G smartphone and expected 5G network deployment in the next few years.

However, Intel stated that Intel will be providing 5G modem in the XMM8160 coming on 2020. However, unless Apple is developing their own 5G modem, it would have to rely on Huawei for 5G chip procurement.