HUAWEI allegedly to push EMUI 10.1; first available on P40!

Being the primary mobile operating system for HUAWEI smartphones, the next release for their Android OS is the EMUI 10.1 which will be first available on HUAWEI P40 flagship.

Prior the launch of P20 series, HUAWEI has been pushing EMUI 8.1 system and vice versa for EMUI 9.1. Hence the EMUI 10.1 is expected to be seen on the P40 series.

Currently, HUAWEI has offers registration for the EMUI open beta to encourage users to experience the new OS for feedback. Based on known info, the EMUI 10 will bring 60% GPU improvement, 70% network efficiency and 20% faster random read thanks to EROFS file management system.

What would be the new feature from EMUI 10.1?