HUAWEI App Gallery to offer up to 100% profit margin in the coming next year!

As per US restrictions and trade embargo towards HUAWEI, HUAWEI has since not able to use Google Play Services along with other Google related services. Hence HUAWEI has been taking its resolution by expanding the ecosystem on the Harmony OS and the rapid development of the App Gallery.

In the recently updated AppGallery Terms of Service, a new profit sharing plan is proposed for developers. As long as you add your own app to the HUAWEI App Gallery within June 30 this year, you can enjoy up to 24 months Profit sharing benefits, in which applications other than games can enjoy 100% profit sharing within the first 12 months.

This means that the profits obtained in the App Gallery within the 12 months are entirely owned by the developer. Different profit plan is offered for different app categories.

If you are a developer who is interested in developing in HUAWEI ecosystem, check out this link!

Currently there are over 400 million active HUAWEI users per month and the HUAWEI App Gallery is the third largest app store in the world.