Huawei applies “Moon mode” patients which reproduces highly detailed moon pictures

Prior the launch of Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei CEO has leaked several photos of Moon shot which makes it a new trend to test out a smartphone telescopic capbility.

On the 17th July, China IP agency has released a new patent submitted by Huawei which describe a device which is able to capture moon. It was applied on 22th Feb 2019.



The patent page shows that Huawei offers a solution for shooting the moon and electronic equipment. The method automatically recognizes the moon in the preview interface and enters the moon shooting mode after recognizing the moon, thereby automatically focusing the moon and displaying a clear outline moon image in the preview interface.

According to the the capture behavior , a multi-frame moon image with clear contours under different exposure parameters is collected and the acquired multi-frame images are processed differently to obtain photos of the moon which is clear and fully highlighted

According to Huawei, this method can capture a clear outline of the moon in normal shooting mode or during non-professional users, improving the user’s telescopic photography experience.