Huawei Ark Compiler is now online, source code available to download!

Along with the launch of Huawei P30 series, Huawei also announced a new Ark Compiler technology which changes the way to compile Android. The Ark Compiler greatly enhances operating system fluidity and this open source technology is now officially online!

Some of the API shown on the website includes famous apps & services from China such as TouTiao, Alipay, Zhihu, Tmall, QQ & etc. More apps will soon be available on its platform!

Huawei Ark Compiler change the way how Android used to work. It is able to reduce system resource usage while improving efficiency & compatibility across all systems.

According to the test data of Huawei Labs, EMUI 9.1 has only increased the system operation fluency by 24% and the system response performance by 44% after applying the Huawei Ark compiler to the system component System Server. Take Sina Weibo Express Edition as an example. After applying the Ark compiler,  the operation speed is improved by up to 60%. according to the Huawei lab test data.

Interested and want to learn more? Check out more details on the Ark Compiler here.