Huawei CEO: Foldable will goes for RM2300 in coming 5 years

The Moore’s Law has been an iconic implication on the exponential technological advancement with the constant price range. This time, Huawei CEO has commented on the future of foldables in which he predicts the foldable will be priced less than RM2300 in the coming 5 years.

Richard Yu, CEO der Huawei Technologies Consumer Business Group, steht am 02.09.2017 in Berlin auf der Elektronikmesse IFA. | Verwendung weltweit

In one of his interview with German media Die Welt, foldables will become another common smartphone in today with price getting more budget friendlier. During that time, foldable smartphone is something that everyone could afford.

When asked on their innovation, Huawei CEO comments on the batteyr life and quickcharge technology and the innovation of the camera on smartphone.

When it comes to the question to the surface of new technology & gadgets, would you get in the game early or late? There is no definitely correct answer to these question.