Huawei “Design For Huawei” allows accessories to be certified with DFH recognition

As Apple and Google has their own “MFi” and “Made for Google” accessories certification program, Huawei also launches their own third party accessories certification program. This was first appeared at Huawei Developer Alliance website recently.

DFH is a partner partner program for Huawei smartphones, tablets, wearables, etc., and is committed to providing accessories and accessories that are compatible with Huawei’s end products with innovative partners to provide consumers with a wider selection of accessories for a better user experience

Huawei will authorize the product and once passed the acceptance test, it will be able to use the DFH logo on the product packaging.


More on DFH partnership program

(1) Product launch: Get the relevant information of Huawei consumers products earlier, and go online with Huawei consumer products;

(2) Market support: More brands will be exposed to joint promotion with Huawei products;

(3) Sales channels: available along at the Huawei offline experience store and online Vmall mall.


The official website revealed that the current Huawei DFH cooperation products and brands include: ROCK, rockspace, MOMAX, NOLO, BOW, Panzer Glass, BIGBEN, tech21, BRASPORT and so on.

3. Requirements of DFH partners

(1) It can provide accessories or ancillary equipment compatible with Huawei smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, etc.;

(2) Have independent research and development capabilities, independent sales brand and after-sales service capability (if you enter Huawei offline offline store sales, you need to have offline service);

(3) Have certain business strength and sales scale.


For detailed application process, learn more here.


The DFH program is currently only available in the official website of China. There is no relevant page on the international version of the webpage, but the description of DFH is not limited to Chinese developers, so those who are interested can click on this link to learn more.