Huawei EMUI 10 officially launched: Smartphone to be used as mouse controller, to arrive on P30 series first

Earlier today, the EMUI 10 has officially launched on Huawei Developer Conference today. The EMUI 10 will be rolled out on Huawei P30 series first on 8th September and comes pre-loaded on the next Mate series.

The new EMUI 10 to deliver hardware based performance where the smartphone can be used as a mouse, keyboard, drone camera and more.


Most importanly, EMUI 10 allows communication between Windows and Android for seamless connectivity. It can be act as a PC keyboard, mouse for a whole new office experience.


EMUI 10 also to sport Huawei HiCar which brides connection between smartphone and vehicles. It can be used for greater accessibility like voice recognition and assistance.