Huawei has beguns its developement of 6G at Canada research center

As the 5G era has just kickstarted, Huawei has shifted its focus into making 6G network for the future market.

According to foreign media The Logic, Huawei is conducting early research and development of 6G technology at its R&D center in Ottawa, Canada. This research and development will be carried out in cooperation with 13 Canadian universities and research institutes. The research project includes the next generation. Wireless system, possible application scenarios, etc.


So far, there are more than 50 5G contracts in 100 countries and 700 cities, and R&D investment in 5G fields has exceeded 2 billion US dollars. 5G networks as a whole are just entering the commercial stage in the world. It will take a while to start commercialization. According to Huawei’s prediction, 6G technology is expected to enter the commercial phase in 2030. Considering that Huawei’s 5G technology research and development will begin in 2009, this time will start 6G research and development. It is also reasonable.