Huawei hints P40 to bring graphene tech batteries?

On 23th December, Futura Sciene revealed that Huawei P40 series will bring graphene based battery and it is surprising.

#Huawei va être le premier à sortir un smartphone haut de gamme équipé d’une batterie au graphène.
▶️C’est la promesse de batteries plus résistantes, endurantes et plus petites, mais aussi de recharges beaucoup plus rapides.

— Huawei France (@HuaweiFr) December 21, 2019

It also stated that the Huawei P40 battery is at 5000mAh while the battery sized is reduced to 30%. It will also support quickcharging and able to fully charge in 45 minutes.

Industry insider stated that the development of graphene battery is closely circulated in its energy density, efficiency and safetyness. If Huawei is able to make the breakthrough, there is a possibilities that the Huawei P40 will bring graphene battery in action.

Lastly, it is confirmed that the launch of Huawei P40 series could happen around March.