Huawei HMS Core offers huge developer friendly project for ecosystem support

In addition to EMUI 10 and Harmony OS launched during HDC 2019, Huawei has also made a number of announcements, including the announcement that their Huawei HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) has exceeded 100 million active users outside of China. The developer of “Star” plans to open DigiX Labs Innovation Studio and HMS Core 14 services to help developers further expand Huawei’s ecosystem.

First of all, this HMS Core 14 service includes 9 basic services and 5 growth services. Developers can use Huawei’s multiple development capabilities by integrating the HMS SDK. The map service capability (Map Kit) is also targeted at overseas developers. Developers are open to development outside of China to innovate through this map service capability.

As for the DigiX Innovation Studio, which is also open to the world, this studio has achieved more than 20 innovations last year, including touch-tag payment, card integration, mobile POS and other financial services innovations, etc. On 2019, it announced the opening of six major regions in the world. Among them, Düsseldorf in Germany will become the first stop for DigiX Innovation Studio to go global. These studios will have development tools in the AR, VR, AI and other fields for developers to use.

As for the Yaoxing program that Huawei uses to sponsor developers, it will also be open to global developers, and the developer’s funding will be increased from 1 billion RMB (about RM 4.19 billion) to 1 billion US dollars to accelerate and support global developers for innovation.

Among them, Huawei also announced some achievements and arrangements of their terminal cloud services in the first half of 2019:

  • In-App Purchase (IAP) is open in more than 140 countries
  • Huawei AppGallery has created more than 1 billion app downloads outside of China
  • The Huawei theme reaches an average of 280 million downloads per year in markets outside China.
  • After the Huawei web browser was opened in China outside March last year, its growth rate reached 100%.
  • It is predicted that Huawei Video and music and audio services such as Music and Assistant will be open to content partners.