Huawei & HUAWEI collaborates for Malaysia’s first TechCity with more 5G application

During October 2019, HUAWEI has signed 5G network service contract with Maxis which brings 5G services availability to more Malaysians. Today, they have signed the memorandum of understanding for the development of TechCity project.

Earlier last week, Maxis and HUAWEI has signed the MoU at HUAWEI Shenzhen HQ which they will bring 4G and 5G resolution which brings personalized experience to the user. Both parties will be establishing the 5G Innovation Lab which pushes 5G uses into commercial side.

The TechCity project is committed to creating an excellent 5G network plan and bringing out new services in a new business model, providing the best user experience in building of a smart and connected world. This plan will jointly promote and innovate the successful use cases of 5G nationwide. Through this cooperation, Maxis will work closely with global operators to conduct research and development (R & D) cooperation more closely, and will preferentially participate in the latest development of 5G use cases. Currently, HUAWEI has launched TechCity projects in cities such as London, Seoul and Tokyo.

HUAWEI’s rotating chairman Guo Ping said that through TechCity, they will jointly create successful 5G solutions based on local needs and bring them to the global market in the future. Maxis CEO Gokhan Ougut said that Maxis will have in-depth cooperation with HUAWEI on TechCity projects, continuously explore new technologies, continue to innovate, provide excellent user experience and improve network efficiency.